Empowering Your People to Thrive in Pitching

Implementing a best practice pitching infrastructure or establishing a bid and proposal centre to help improve the efficiency of bid and proposal activity is one thing. Bringing it to life, and knowing when and how to apply it, is key. Like an orchestra, it‘s the people who make a piece of music resonate. Instruments can be as top-notch as they are,  but without the people who perform, they have no resonance.


Our development training and coaching programmes are designed to equip individuals, teams, and organisations with the skills they need to thrive in pitching. We work with all groups of individuals involved in pitching: Management teams, marketing and business development professionals, lawyers, and personal assistants. The training programmes are carefully customised to the respective groups and career levels.

What We Do 

  • Offer open training, bespoke in-house training, and one-on-one coaching for lawyers and business development professionals to developing and enhance best practice skills in pitching 

  • We help design and establish bid and proposal teams to help improve the efficiency of bid and proposal activity

  • Design and implement pitching best practices in law firms without a dedicated bid and proposal centre