We Help Your Firm Stand For Something

Client relationships evolve through continuous interactions --  with the client and within the firm. The smaller the law firm and the client company, the better it works. With increasing complexity, silos form that makes networking more difficult. As a result, your client base could be home to huge untapped potential. We help to maximise the value of your organisation’s interactions with its key clients.

What We Do 

  • Develop a differentiating positioning strategy to help your firm attract the clients you want for what you do best

  • Segment the client base to determine which clients are of strategic importance and the steps to generate value for your business

  • Define and implement internal processes and procedures that can support the strategy (opportunity planning, bid/no bid, bid strategies, pricing)

  • Bring your practice and sector groups fully into alignment with your business strategy by identifying and prioritising key initiatives in each of these areas