We Help You Take Control of Your Processes

Proposals take a lot of time, often a huge investment in time. There are the tenders themselves, which are time-consuming, starting with an extensive questionnaire and followed by a multi-stage tender process.  Beyond time and effort, it does not necessarily provide the best result since the internal processes around pitching are often tangled and take up extra time.


We help law firms to bring order to inefficient pitching processes. From opportunity management and how to evaluate which bids you should pursue, to creating submissions and client presentations to lessons-learned analysis and post-submittal management. And it's about content and data: how you create, manage and maintain it and how you leverage technology.

What We Do 

  • Capture your firm's existing pitch and proposal management processes, resources and tools

  • Identify key issues and bottlenecks

  • Define and implement bid-decision criteria and a best-practice proposal management process

  • Proposal template improvement 

  • Content management improvement

  • Set up improvement projects with properly allocated responsibilities and accountability

  • Implement practical, immediately-actionable solutions to eliminate all pain points