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Devoted to helping law firms win more business

In today’s global market, tenders have become the standard method by which clients select their legal advisors. Still, participating and getting the most out of it remains a challenge for many law firms. Pitching is getting more and more competitive, taking both time and effort. Our ambition is to take the pain out of pitching. We cover all aspects of strategic selling, all of which are very closely connected. This holistic approach is what makes Performance That Works unique. We provide support for formal tenders as well as informal pitching and other strategically important pursuits.


Why Work With Us

Our ambition is to take the pain out of pitching

You will work with us because you are experiencing increasing challenges when pitching -- because you are not targeting the right clients and projects. Because of profitability and pricing pressure. Because you are not winning the tenders you would like to win or not even being invited to them. Because internal procedures are stuck and everyone has their own view as to why. Because your teams are not pulling together effectively. Because you are not sure whether the teams are getting the right message across in sales presentations, and are not presenting and negotiating effectively. It may be all of the above or something else. We help transform your pitching by engaging and developing your teams so they can prosper. If you need help winning contracts and growing your business, let's talk about what we can do to help. We provide strategic consulting, offer hands-on help, and deliver training.

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